Accurate Energy Services, Inc. has extensive experience working with commercial, retail, industrial, and federal institutions. Whether you are interested in trimming your energy bills or making your facility a little brighter, Accurate Energy Services, Inc. has the solutions. You can be sure your properly lit facility and products will look great and your employees will work more efficiently, all without breaking the budget.


When considering Accurate Energy Services, Inc. for your next lighting project, rest assured on our experience in doing electrical work for renovations, new construction, and all types of businesses ranging from offices and stores to entire buildings. We know our business and want to make it easier for you to do yours. We understand that one thing you cannot afford is “down time” and we do our best to minimize any. Our team has been praised on all our jobs for being quick and effective, without interrupting daily business-operating routines, and still meeting deadlines. With our great team of highly skilled technicians, expert foremen,and knowledgeable management, we can guarantee a detailed and accurate bid for your project and make sure your job is done correctly, on time and within budget.

Simply because modern technology has made electricity so easily available to us, does not mean that the process by which electricity gets to your business or home is easy at all. At Accurate Energy Services, Inc., we are not only dedicated to upgrading lighting systems, but also keeping the world green! Ask us for more information, tips, and resources for how you can make your business and home more energy efficient. Help us, help you be a little bit more GREEN!


Our mission is to design accurate and efficient lighting solutions that maximize your savings, improve your lighting and allows you to go “green”. We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and design of solutions that meets your needs and reduces operational costs.

Our customized site analysis will provide you with a recommendation that identifies the most cost-effective opportunities to drive the greatest energy savings, improve lighting conditions and minimize any “down time”.

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