Are you about to embark on a major initiative to reduce operating costs and energy usage, or are you trying to become a more environmentally friendly organization?

We are here to help you figure it out.

There are hundreds of options, and you may become lost trying to figure it out. At Accurate Energy Services we will use our experience and expertise to design a solution based on a customized site analysis. We will evaluate your current lighting and determine the most cost-effective way through replacements or upgrades to maximize your savings. In addition, to accommodate your business requirements, we can provide recommendations on what is critical to your savings, and what can be scheduled for a later date.

Complete Installations & Lighting Retrofits

Our leadership team has been together for over twenty years providing professional service with respect, honesty and integrity. Our installations and retrofits utilize the latest technologies and trends in design to deliver a solution second to none.

Customized Site Analysis

A complete plan and evaluation of your current lighting, including bulb types, fixtures, placement, and timing and provide a recommended solution and implementation plan that will aesthetically match your company image and improve lighting for employees and customers.

Request A Customized Site Analysis

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